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Please book an appointment for each applicant
Lab tests + X-ray fees billed separately at lab front desk 化验费用另外在化验所前台支付
Please scroll down for Lab fees 化验费用往下查看
Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before appointment 请准时到达诊所,不用提前
Please have no more than 1 person accompanying the applicant 陪同请不要超过一个人

Canadian Immigration / Visa Medical Examination

$200 + GST

$260+ GST

Urgent appointment, Streamlined IME ($160), or Medical furtherance requested by IRCC ($60)
紧急体检, 特殊移民局认可快速体检(无需化验), 后续体检预约

Please Call (604)-277-9006 ext 3 To Book.

If you have already undergone an Immigration Medical Exam and receive a medical surveillance request at your port of entry, please call Vancouver TB clinic to arrange appointment.
Phone number: 604-707-2692 press 4 for medical surveillance.

Preparation for Immigration/Visa Exam



(Photocopy is NOT acceptable)

  • Bring Medications List

( Name and Dosage )

  • Bring Eye glasses

Please also bring:​

  • Your Medical Report

  • Relevant documents issued by IRCC

(eg. IMM 1017 Form)


  • Please wear a mask

  • No fasting is necessary

  • Radiology Clinic & Laboratory accept debit/credit payment


Step One

Registration and Picture Taking


Step Two

Medical history and physical examination


Step Three

Lab Test

chest xray.jpg

Step Four

Chest X-Ray

Lab Test & Chest X-ray Locations and Prices
NAME / 名称
EXAM / 检测项目
PRICE / 价格
Brooke Radiology
Chest X-ray / X光胸片
5791 No. 3 Road, Richmond (*across the street)
Urine test & Blood test (age 15 or above) / 尿检/抽血 (15岁以上)
5791 No. 3 Road, Richmond (*across the street)
Urine test only (age 5 to 14) / 尿检
5791 No. 3 Road, Richmond (*across the street)
Downtown Radiology and IMM-Labs
Chest X-ray / X光胸片
135 - 8279 Saba Road, Richmond
Downtown Radiology and IMM-Labs
Urine test & Blood test (age 15 or above) / 尿检/抽血 (15岁以上)
135 - 8279 Saba Road, Richmond
Downtown Radiology and IMM-Labs
Urine test only (age 5 to 14) / 尿检
135 - 8279 Saba Road, Richmond
Questions / 问题
Answer / 答案
If I apply for another kind of visa in the future, do I need to repeat my medical examinations?
You can notify your new application visa office your previous Immigration Medical Examination file number. Your previous immigration medical examination may still be acceptable to IRCC.
How do I know whether I pass my medical examination or not?
Panel physicians only collect medical information for IRCC. They cannot decide whether or not you pass the medical examination. Further inquiries regarding your visa application and/or your health examination results should be directed to your visa office.
Why does your office charge more for applicants over age 75?
Additional testing on mental status and activities of daily living are required for applicants over the age of 75. Additional time will be needed for their medical examination.
Do all Panel Physicians charge the same fee?
No, each Panel Physician decides his/her own fee. You can call different offices to ask for their rates.
How long will it take to submit my medical report?
We closely monitor all medical files. Once the blood tests and chest X-ray results are in the system, we will submit the file as soon as possible. On average, it is submitted within 5 business days.
What is involved in the Immigration/Visa medical examination in your clinic?
A complete medical history will be taken. A complete physical examination will also be performed.
Do you charge a fee for arranging Medical Furtherance?
Yes, we charge a processing fee of $60
I have my medical examination done already. I received a request for Medical Furtherance from Immigration. Why?
All submitted medical reports will be reviewed by the Regional Medical Office in Ottawa. After review, additional medical information may be requested such as specialist's report, repeated Chest X-ray for comparison, and sputum culture.
Does the medical examination include breast examination?
Breast examination is only required if clinically indicated. You may ask a female clinic staff to be present during the breast examination or you can bring your own chaperone.
What would happen if my urine test is abnormal?
You need to have a repeat urine test in the laboratory. To reduce the chance of having an abnormal urine test, please drink water prior to the test. Collect only the mid-stream urine sample. For female applicant, please make sure sample collection is not close to your menses.
Can I do my blood test or chest X-ray before my medical examination?
No,you have to do your medical examination at my office before you can have a blood test or chest X-ray.
Do I need an appointment for the laboratory or radiology clinic?
Brooke Radiology and Downtown Radiology / IMM-Labs services are walk-in basis only. Lifelabs services can be walk-in or by appointment. If you want to book an appointment for Lifelabs, make sure it is at least 45 minutes after your appointment time with our clinic. On average walk-in waiting time is about 30 minutes.
Do I need to fast for the blood test?
No, you do not need to fast.
What is tested in the blood test?
Syphilis, HIV, and kidney function tests are required for all applicants over the age of 15. Additional tests may be required depending on the medical findings during the examination.
Is chest X-ray dangerous during pregnancy?
Generally, we do not recommend having chest X-ray during pregnancy. We will provide you a Pregnancy Deferral Letter to be sent to your visa office. Your visa office will be aware that your chest X-ray will not be completed until after the delivery. If you decide to have your chest X-ray during pregnancy, you need to sign a X-ray consent form.
Why do the chest X-ray fees vary so much between radiology clinics? Do the cheaper ones provide inferior service?
Each radiology clinic decides its own fee. In our experience, their services are similar. They are all Panel Radiologists recognized by Canadian Immigration.
Can I have my medical examination on Saturday?
No, we only perform Immigration/Visa Medical Examination on weekdays.
I have already received my visa document. Do I still need to have a medical examination?
If your visa document states that a medical examination is required, you need to have it done.
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