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About Us
Vancouver Physical Examination Centre (VPEC) is the one-stop hospital-style facility in BC, Canada, with the state of art MRI, CT, ultrasound medical imaging on site and a full set of blood biochemistry, lung function tests, cardiac Exercise stress tests, super early cancer gene detection technology for preventative comprehensive health checkup purposes.
VPEC provides two main categories services: Preventative Comprehensive Health Assessment  and Immigration Medical Exams.  Both services are not covered by BC MSP health insurance.
We have an authoritative medical expert team in BC Canada, together with the world's most advanced medical imaging technology, and multiple follow-up health management services.
At the same time, we also provide Multi-language translation, Assessment accompanying services, and the global top referral services around the world.
VPEC is part of the MMC WELLNESS GROUP which owns a family medicine clinic , multiple medical aesthetic clinics, one dental clinic, one DAP approval POCT Lab, one medical hotline platform and the latest Vancouver Physical Examination Centre for the public.
Medical Professional

Immigration/Visa Medical Exam

We  launched the immigration medical examination program to provide a convenient and fast medical examination services for people of all ethnicities who first arrived in Canada. Our immigration medical exam program is authorized from the Canadian government Immigration Services.

Comprehensive health assessment &
global medical referral services

In addition to our top quality physical examinations, we also provide customized examination services for people of different ages, genders, and different needs.


We have the world's cutting edge MRI and CT image services with full laboratories tests and super early cancer gene detection screening tests.

As a world leading anti-aging services provider in Canada, we provide various functional examinations and anti-aging treatments options, including male and female hormone regenerative treatments, pre and post menopausal adjustment, male and female sexual dysfunctions treatments.

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